is a multidisciplinary practice exploring visual art, product design, technological research, multimedia…taking advantage of a heterogeneous community (of artists, architects, designers, engineers, scientists…) and in house manufacturing labs for experimentation and production.
We design as well as produce by involving for each specific project a diverse team of people in order to compose advanced solutions in a continuous relationship between arts, industry and science.


We work to build the ideal bridge between the artistic idea and the manufacturing process.
Our project refers to some extent to the renaissance workshop and on the other side it mimics some futuristic laboratory set in the middle of the galaxy. Truth is that our labs are the ideal set to realise adventurous projects that demand for a wide knowledge of materials and manufacturing processes and an extreme bespoke attitude.



We own and manage directly our plants and project offices, this means we have complete control over every phase of the co-design and fabrication processes: we rely both on our own labs and a network of long time partners.
We like to think of ho1 as the perfect ecosystem for artistic fabrication, offering a wide range of solutions: from feasibility studies and materials research to design and engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and finishing. All production stages are interconnected and managed by labs that are within a few kilometres distance, allowing the artist to witness the development in the realisation of his works and fine tune with us every detail.

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