ho1 is a multidisciplinary practice exploring visual art, product design, technological research, multimedia‚ taking advantage of a heterogeneous community (of artists, architects, designers, engineers, biologists…) and in house manufacturing labs for experimentation and production.
We design as well as produce by involving for each specific project a diverse team of people in order to compose advanced solutions in a continuous relationship between arts, industry and science.
Iconography, genetics, nature, real and virtual landscape, science fiction, imaginary maths‚ are inspirational themes every day we try to morph into objects, installations, architectures, environments‚ by means of advanced technologies and traditional crafts.


ho1 inherits a tradition in establishing relations between the industrial and creative worlds. Over the years the technologies used by ho1 people have served institutions and private customers worldwide in architecture, art, product design, fashion and multimedia… ho1 is born as an experiment in team work, in the strong belief that every discipline is not self-contained, but is living in a relation of mutual influence with other forms of knowledge, even seemingly opposite ones. Our common ground is an attitude to a dynamic relationship among partners with different histories and approaches…

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