• august | september 2013

ho1 team


  • Trieste Molo Audace
  • Venice Lido

Multimedia performance.

CINE-VELA is the result of ho1 commitment to research creative forms redefining environment and means of artistic expression.
After the sunset, “Punt e Mes”: a sailing boat with a wide sailing surface turns into a moving screen, an original video-projection system with the aid of darkness transfers on the big white sails the magic of cinema…in this occasions conjured by an excerpt of the movie “Piccola Patria” directed by Alessandro Rossetto and produced by Arsenali Medicei with Jump Cut, and taking part in the competion of the 70th Venice Film Festival, and video portraits from the theatrical show Tristano, produced by Eu-Act and the Embassy of Hungary and premiered at the Sale Apollinee of Teatro La Fenice in Venice.
ho1 chose the sea as the ideal location to imagine a relationship between representation and natural scenery, offering a suggestive cinematic experience…blending art, cinema and landscape…