• august 30th 2013

ho1 team

  • Giulio Kircmayr
  • Marco Self
  • Paolo Atzori
  • Leo Kopacin
  • Marco Zanello
  • Alex Cibin


  • Venice Biennale
  • Sea area in front of Lido Palace


  • Alessandro Rossetto
  • Arsenali Medicei Cinematografica
  • Jump Cut
  • BLS
  • Disaronno
  • Friuli Venezia-Giulia Film Commision
  • Trentino Film Commision

Multimedia performance.

During the 70th Venice Film Festival the sea space in front of Hotel Excelsior was the location of an original and fascinating performance. The project conceived by ho1, turned a sailing boat in a surprising scenography.

ho1, who recently developed an installation for MUSE: the new science museum in Trento designed by Renzo Piano, this time chose the sea as the ideal location to imagine a relationship between art, cinema and landscape. Punt e Mes, sailed at dawn from Trieste and reached Venice at twilight with on board a singular crew of sailors, artists and videomakers. After the sunset the big white sails were turned into a cinematic screen through an original video-projection system designed and realized by ho1. The subject of the screening was the result of a collaboration with the director and producers of the movie Piccola Patria.

The performance greeted with enthusiasm by the audience on the seafront, was an astonishing blend of sailing skills and multimedia competence, designing magic light shadows in the night. This successful experiment was the first step in a project that will see further applications involving theatre, art and communication…