• septmenber 21-october 31 2015


  • Milan EXPO
  • Hungarian pavillion

Multimedia performance.

ho1 was part of a new project integrating design and multimedia.
The Shackleton sculpture was chosen as part of the installation and performance project Forrás at the EXPO Hungarian Pavillion from September 21st untill October 31st. Shackleton was the symbolic presence of the Forrás project, representing the heavenly world, the highest step in the shamanic journey and the vital energy of water, both inspiring themes for the architecture of the pavillion.
Shackleton is named as the crater located at the south pole of the moon, and it faithfully reproduces lunar morphology using 3D satellite surveys carried out on the planet’s terrain, simultaneously becoming in its final form a seat and an atlas with which one can retrace every single sea or crater. The sculpture is made of aluminium and produced with the patented T-sculpt technology, which allows for the heating or cooling of the object. In the case of Shackleton the cooled down surface reacting with the atmosphere produces the surprising effect to be covered by a thin veil of dew.