materials & dimensions

  • Casted Aluminium Anodized
  • 1800 X 220 X 575 cm


  • Satellite scanning
  • Metal casting
  • Polishing
  • Anodizing

The salt ponds of Anfeh

Anfeh is a project inspired by a meeting of different cultures and attitudes.
It tries to integrate mind and hand, pure geometry and simple human work, the apollonian beauty of maths and the signs man leaves on earth.
The reticular structure is developed from the basic cell of a pinwheel tiling that later morphs into organic forms…these shapes pay homage to the beautiful divisions of the salt ponds in Anfeh: the lebanese town on the mediterranean coast.
The irregular structures in which the ponds are organized reminded us of the drawings somewhat realized with architectural generative software, it was surprising to see how contemporary aesthetics could be so close to tradition.
The final project is a coffee table, that turns functionality into a visually engaging experience.
The material used is casted aluminum with the possibility of different surface finishings.
A singular offering of this object is that, applying the patented t-sculpt ™ technology, that allows for thermal control of the aluminum surface, the table can be heated during the cold season and become a warming spot for both people and the room were it is located.