Depression Cube



materials & dimensions

  • Casted Aluminium Plated
  • 70 X 70 X 70 cm


  • Satellite photograph
  • 3D terrain reconstruction
  • Metal casting
  • Polishing
  • Plating
  • t-sculpt process

Impact beauty.

This object is a study on the possibilities of high impact objects to produce immediate shapes. Being a project set to use t-sculpt technology the approach was to study heat as a parallel effect of impact.
Of course the clash of asteroids with terrain is the most clamorous event to investigate since it produces both fantastic forms and striking thermical variations. The clash of an asteroid with earth was a treat felt in common imaginery in the fifties and sixties but it is still carefully monitered and present nowadays…for example The Panoramic Survey Telescope & Rapid Response System project installed in Hawaii its first device to monitor earth approaching objects.
A survey of impact craters on earth revealed to be a fascinating aesthetical inspiration, we were particulary attracted by three location the Sikhote Alin in Russia, the Ames in the United States and Bosumtwi in Ghana. Intersecting characters from these images we came out with an interesting shape that we eventually 3d impacted on a solid cube. The final result is a domestic object, something between an heated pouff or coffee table, a charming but innocous shape reminder of how universe can generate incredible violence and heat.