materials & dimensions

  • Casted Aluminium Anodized
  • 1800 X 220 X 575 cm


  • Satellite scanning
  • 3D terrain reconstruction
  • Metal casting
  • Polishing
  • Anodizing
  • Chemical surface treatments
  • t-sculpt process

A close look at Malta coastline.

This project mixes an aerial view of the Malta island with a detailed 3d reconstruction of its coastal profile.
The final object has been modeled to look like a coring of the soil with tiny inlets shaped somewhere in the coastal line to collect rain when the sculpture is placed outdoor.
Thanks to the patented t-sculpt technology the aluminum casting is heated up between 30 and 35 *C to evoke Malta hot summers.

One of many etimological theories suggests that the name of Malta comes from the hebrew word Malet, that means shelter…On 1606 on murder charge Caravaggio fled to Malta. There he painted The Behading of Saint John…
The chromatic map of the sculpture is somewhat inspired to that painting.