We are based in a studio and three labs. We are located in north- east Italy: studio and head office near the sea in Trieste and man- ufacturing labs close, in the heart of The Friuli region. The studio is were we manage the projects by design and engineering, and develop all 3D modeling and simulation. Manufacturing facilities are devoted to crafts and machining from model making to pol- ishing and finishing, multimedia and 3D printing and traditional and innovative casting tecniques. All plants use up to date tech- nologies and offer adherence to international quality standards.

The story of our labs starts in the fifties with our grandfather: an experienced carpenter who set a model making workshops run by skilled artisans. Over the years they have opened a virtuous dialogue with new technologies being among the first in Italy to use rapid prototyping and computer aided manufacturing until developing today into an array of interconnected facilities updat- ed to the most advanced technologies while keeping the old abil- ity in handcrafted work.

We have worked for some of the most renowned firms in different fields from automotive to motorcycle, F1, aircraft and architecture to fabricate sophisticated products to the highest standards. To- day we apply the same standards to the production of art works offering quality and services that were not commonly associated with artistic manufacturing.
Our labs offer conformance with the main international quality standards, including ISO9001
and environmental management ISO14001.

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